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Donate a DrinkThru Safety Masks To Those In Need

Smart Mask Technologies tries to help those in need. We have donated to United Way clean ups, local disasters such as the Elkhart landfill fire, and many others. If you would like to donate  DrinkThru Masks to a charity just add this product to your cart and we will donate your purchase to those in need.


Product Description

The DrinkThru Mask is an enhanced mask that allows the user to drink liquids without removing the mask. The DrinkThru Mask 2 Pack Prevention Kit is great for traveling or people on the go. The DrinkThru Mask Prevention Kit easily fits into most carry on luggage and is easy to put on. The DrinkThru Mask 2 Pack is also good for household first aid kits and medical supplies. The DrinkThru Mask is great for outdoor activities such as gardening, mowing, home projects, or just enjoying the outdoors. The DrinkThru Mask Prevention Kit includes: 2 individually wrapped masks, 2 sanitary wipes, and 2 straws.


  • DrinkThru Attachment
  • Form Fitting
  • Protection From Allergies
  • Protection From Airborne Diseases
  • Helps Prevent Illnesses
  • Convenience
  • Fits Most Users
  • Provideds Long Term Protection


Warning: Warning: This mask should not be used for toxic or hazardous air contaminants, such as asbestos, silica, paint spray, cotton or other toxic dusts, fumes, gases, or vapors.. The mask should be properly fitted to ensure the best protection (refer to the how to use page). Not designed for children or individuals with facial hair.

***Free shipping in US only, excluding Alaska & Hawaii***

Additional Information


2 Pack, 12 Pack


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