3 Ways to Prevent Sickness from Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution blog post

3 Ways to Prevent Sickness from Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution

Indoor and outdoor pollution can ruin anyone’s day.  Fumes from vehicles, cigarette smoke and other factors can make the air you breath dangerous. Here are three ways to prevent sickness from indoor and outdoor air pollution.
  1. Stay inside on Air Quality Action Days

When the Air Quality Index (AQI) gets too high an Action Day is announced.  People with health problems, such as lung disease, asthma, heart disease, or those who are active outdoors are at risk on Air Quality Action Days.  The best way to prevent sickness on these days is to stay inside!  If you must go outside, it is best to do so in the evening.
  1. Avoid smoke

We think of air pollution as being a problem outside of the home, but smoke is a big contributor to pollution-related sickness. Smoke from cigarettes, fireplaces and burning leaves are all toxic to our lungs, inhaling these pollution’s can cause even healthy people to feel unwell.  By eliminating your exposure to smoke you keep your lungs and heart safer and less strained.
  1. Wear a mask

Masks are a simple and affordable way to protect yourself from pollution-related illness.  A mask can help you stay safe and healthy by reducing the amount of particulates that can pass through to your heart and lungs.  The DrinkThru Mask offers another benefit that can help you and your body fight pollution sickness – the ability to stay hydrated without taking off the mask!
With pollution, it is best to limit any level of exposure, but these three methods can help you healthier!

Get a DrinkThru Mask Prevention Kit to keep on hand for high pollution days!  It’s better to be prepared than be sick.

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