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About Us

What Is A DrinkThru Mask?

The DrinkThru Mask was designed, developed, and created by Dr. Aurora Fernandez De Castro, President and CEO of Smart Mask Technologies. The DrinkThru Mask is an enhanced mask that allows the user to drink through and take in liquids through the mask while staying protected from airborne pathogens such as pollen, allergens, bacteria, mold, spores, and more. The DrinkThru Mask has a specially designed opening that allows any standard straw to be used to pass liquid from any container to the user. The DrinkThru Mask can be opened up to 8 times in any one use.

Why A DrinkThru Mask?

Dr. De Castro was on a trip back from Mexico when delayed for over two hours. The delay caused passengers to miss connections including Dr. De Castro’s connection home and created angry and  frustrated passengers. The reason was due to one family of six, grandparents, a mom, dad and two teenage boys. The parents insisted after boarding that the plane not leave the ground unless peanuts were not to be served on the flight due to a deadly peanut allergy by one son.

The family’s insistence did not let up. They gave the pilot two options – no peanuts served or the pilot’s assurance that he would immediately land the plane at any sign of allergic reaction by their son. Because of his allergies and other health issues he needed to drink liquids and stay hydrated. The pilot did not give in to the family and they were escorted off the plane by immigration officials.

It was this incident that got Dr. De Castro to ask herself “how can I help?”, which is typical. It became clear that there was a need for long time protection while allowing for ingestion of liquids, which resulted in the idea of a protective mask that one can drink through without taking off the mask. Since that flight she has been on a multiyear quest to fulfill this vision. Research,  several patents, development, manufacturing and a diligent staff following her beliefs has made this idea a reality.

Dr. De Castro, founder of the company, and her staff hope the DrinkThru Mask will be beneficial to many. Part of the proceeds of  DrinkThru Mask sales are committed to the science education of children.

Dr. De Castro, PhD., founder of Smart Mask Technologies, is a scientist and inventor with over 25 patents and publications in medical diagnostics. Previously she was a founder and CEO of GDS Technology (Elkhart, IN), Vice President of Photec (Montclair, NJ) and Manager in the Ames Division of Miles Laboratories (Elkhart, IN), which are all medical diagnostic companies. Any questions about the patented DrinkThru MASK can be directed to her through the contact page.

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