Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

Effective Protection

Smart Mask Technologies was a vendor at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo in Valparaiso, IN in June of 2016 (http://greatlakespreppers.com/) which was our very first trade show. The emergency preparedness shows teaches attendees the benefits of how to defend ourselves against human intruders as well as airborne pathogens. Even though we do not see the airborne agents of disease it is very important to get the most effective protection. Many mask are available for protection, however the drink thru mask is the only mask that allows hydration without taking of the mask while providing longer protecting.

Disaster Prepardness

While attending the expo we met Jim Jones EMT/CHCM, former industrial safety manager. Jim presents a “Survival Stuff Program” in which he shares the kind of products he believes should be included in a disaster kit.  After showing him our product he agreed to include our mask in his Survival Stuff presentations. Jim also writes articles in the “American Survivor Newsletter” through  “Live Free USA” publications”.  In one of his articles he mentioned the benefits of  a mask like our DrinkThru Mask and we quote  “Respirators come in variety of styles and options. You can get them with a breathing valve that permits exhalation to go out through the valve instead of around the face seal. While the rounded mask can be flattened to go into the pocket, you can get soft, flat folded masks that are more convenient to carry. The masks that come with two straps and a pliable metal strip to fit over the nose make the best fit.  Masks that have a drinking port are also available for long term use or under high temperature conditions. These would be good for situations where extended use or in high temperatures where hydration is essential”. We are extremely grateful for Jim’s support in expressing the uniqueness of the DrinkThru Mask. His article can be found at http://americansurvivor.org/.

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