How To Use

Quick Start Guide

  1. Always use clean hands
  2. Cup mask in your hands with nosepiece up
  3. Top strap goes over your head first
  4. Bottom strap goes over your head next (do not crisscross the straps)
  5. Pinch nose clip and adjust the mask for a good fit.
  6. The following pictures show how to open and close the attachment to drink liquids.



   Tab A

   Tab B

   Small Circle



 Hold the blue attachment

 Push in with index finger on lower Tab B while pushing out with thumb on upper Tab A.



Hold blue attachment (as shown in step 2)

Hold thumb behind lower Tab B

Place index finger on Circle

Gently pinch together to close

It should click to ensure closure.

Users ManualInstructions

Follow these instruction for proper functionality and integrity of the mask.

  1. Use only clean hands when handling  the mask. (They are individually wrapped to avoid contamination)
  2. Place the DrinkThru Mask on your face as follows:
    1. Position the mask in your hands with the nose piece up.
    2. Cup the mask in your hand and allow the headbands to hang loosely on the outside of the mask.
    3. The top strap goes over your head and above your ears.
    4. The bottom strap goes over your head and can be positioned anywhere below your ears so it is comfortable and secure. DO NOT CRISS CROSS THE STRAPS!
    5. Pinch the nose clip to mold the mask to your nose.
    6. Adjust the mask to achieve a good fit.
  3. Hold the blue attachment with one hand while using the other hand for opening and closing the mask (as described above).
  4. The DrinkThru Mask should remain closed except when drinking.
  5. The mask will usually be used with straws, however, when using some bottles with long pull out extension on the cap, it is very important to hold the blue attachment secure with the opposite hand when the bottle is being inserted and removed. Do NOT use wide mouth bottles.
  6. To minimize exposure and expel hot air exhale after opening the mask.
  7. Be sure the DrinkThru Mask “clicks” when closing, to ensure a proper seal.
  8. The DrinkThru Mask is meant for one time extended use (disposable) and we recommend not opening it more than eight times.
  9. Be careful to avoid spilling liquids on the mask.
  10. To properly remove the mask, hold the white portion of the mask at your chin and lift it up and over your head. DO NOT HOLD OR PULL THE BLUE ATTACHMENT WHILE REMOVING THE MASK.

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