4TH Annual Michigan Inventors EXPO

Smart Mask

Smart Mask Technologies attended the 4TH Annual Michigan Inventors EXPO, sponsored by Michigan inventors Coalition in Lansing MI on Sept 7th, 2016 at which Dr. DeCastro, inventor of the DrinkThru Mask gave a presentation promoting good health. In her presentation she explained that there are 3 steps to achieve good health which are prevention, diagnosis and treatment. She stated that we must become more aware of prevention. After all, it is more economical to prevent than to get sick. She presented the DrinkThru Mask which is the only mask that allows protection while staying hydrated for long periods of time without taking off the mask. You can view the DrinkThru Mask in the video at the following website by going to the bottom of the page and clicking play. http://michiganinventorscoalition.org/.




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