All Staff Are Members Of GRIN

What is Grin? Based in beautiful Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Grand Rapids Inventors Network is a regional non-profit organization that assists its members to further their creative ideas. It also is a place where inventors, marketers and creative people can learn and network. GRIN helps inventors help themselves via networking and experience sharing with other […]

Elkhart County Emergency Management Department – Donation

 Disaster Relief  Elkhart county experienced a landfill fire that lasted for about 3 days. In that time residents in a 5 mile radius were effected by the soot and particulates from the fire. Smart Mask Technologies donated 100 DrinkThru Mask to the Elkhart County Emergency Management Department  to help aid in the protection from these dangerous […]

Michiana Home Show

Michiana Home Show South Bend, IN included names of construction, lumber and landscaping companies. They became aware of the benefits from the use of the DrinkThru Mask. http://www.michianahomeshow

Capital Area United Way- Donations

Natural Disasters   : Smart Mask Technologies donated 100 DrinkThru Masks to Capital Area United Way for the Baton Rouge Louisiana floods, they distributed the DrinkThru Masks to churches and organizations housing people with compromised immune systems and families who where evacuated from their homes due to the flood.

Leader Publications Newspaper Articles

Leader Publication, the local newspaper of  Dowagiac, Edwardsburg Argus, Cassopolis and Niles, interviewed Aurora DeCastro (inventor of the DrinkThru Mask) and published an article: It covers the inventors background and the DrinkThru Mask features including the different illnesses the DrinkThru Mask protects against, such as Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Whooping cough, Hantavirus, Scarlet Fever, Chicken Pox, Meningitis, Mold, […]

Haworth College of Business

Unique  : The uniqueness of our DrinkThru Mask caught the attention of the director who selects the senior class projects for the Haworth College of Business at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI. This prompted them to choose Smart Mask Technologies to be their 2016 project. The class prepared a report addressing several topics of interest, in the […]

Members of the PTAC SBDC

Members of the PTAC SBDC for government noting. We get notices for request for bids on governmental contracts and we have the opportunity to be included in webinars and workshops to stay involved in this ever changing world. Being a member gave us the ability to obtain a Capability Statement

Family Emergency Readiness EXPO

Family Emergency Readiness EXPO in Howell, MI. A Lady bought several masks for her work station to use when she is sanding, another purchased two dozen DrinkThru Masks to include in their disaster preparedness kits. http://www.readylivingston.org/