4TH Annual Michigan Inventors EXPO

Smart Mask Smart Mask Technologies attended the 4TH Annual Michigan Inventors EXPO, sponsored by Michigan inventors Coalition in Lansing MI on Sept 7th, 2016 at which Dr. DeCastro, inventor of the DrinkThru Mask gave a presentation promoting good health. In her presentation she explained that there are 3 steps to achieve good health which are prevention, […]

Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo

Effective Protection Smart Mask Technologies was a vendor at the Great Lakes Emergency Preparedness Expo in Valparaiso, IN in June of 2016 (http://greatlakespreppers.com/) which was our very first trade show. The emergency preparedness shows teaches attendees the benefits of how to defend ourselves against human intruders as well as airborne pathogens. Even though we do not […]

Health and Safety Mask: Types of Protection

Safety Respirators and Masks Types The terms respirator and mask are used interchangeably a lot. You may be asking yourself what is the difference? To put it simple, a safety mask filters out particulates (partials) that are in the air. Particulates could include saw dust, plaster dust, pollen or anything that could be in the […]

Smart Safety DrinkThru Mask by Smart Mask Technologies

How To Stay Hydrated And Not Get Sick!    In today’s world there are many airborne pathogens that can be harmful or deadly. Everything from pollen to harmful bacteria. These airborne pathogens can be anywhere from offices, construction zones and hospitals. Some people think “I will just wear a mask”. This does work, but not […]