The DrinkThru Mask is an enhanced mask that allows the user to drink liquids without removing the mask. The DrinkThru Mask 2 Pack Prevention Kit is great for...(Read More)

2 Pack Kit $19.95

The DrinkThru Mask 12 Pack is great for offices, around the house, hospitals, disaster areas and construction job sites. The DrinkThru Masks help protect...(Read More)

12 Pack $96.00

Wholesale, Reoccurring or Large Orders

For large, reoccurring or wholesale orders please contact us at or call us at 800 488 8421 ext 1.

Donate the DrinkThru Safety Masks To Those In Need

Smart Mask Technologies tries to help those in need. We have donated to United Way clean ups, local disasters such as the Elkhart landfill fire, and many others. If you would like to donate  DrinkThru Masks to a charity just add this product to your cart and we will donate your purchase to those in need.