” The DrinkThru Mask was helpful in keeping me hydrated while I was mowing the lawn and also protecting me from the outside allergens “
Avatar J.N

I am a lung transplant recipient of 2016, and I had to send you this note to tell you how your fabulous mask has most probably saved my life. I was forced to have a mask on all the time in the beginning, because of all the immunosuppressant drugs I was at high risk of catching anything that was in my surroundings like airborne viruses, infections ect..so I was introduced to the smart drink thru mask, which was comfortable and very easy to use. Since I needed water incessantly it was a great bother to use a regular mask I needed to pull it down or up and therefore exposing myself to potential hazards. The drink thru mask was a life saver for me.

Thank you to the ingenious founder of this mask.

Avatar Maryka Florence - California

Recently my son Ernesto had a kidney transplant. Actually one of his brothers, Eduardo, was the loving donor. During the time of preparation before the transplant Ernesto had to be out of the house for several hours to visit doctors, hospitals, etc.

Ernesto used the DrinkThru Mask during this preparation period to prevent getting sick from airborne contaminants. Ernesto was drinking liquids often and keeping in best shape for the transplant.

I am happy to say both my sons are doing well. Ernesto has not yet been given permission to fly but will soon. I am sure he will be using this unique mask during his travels as prevention.  I am glad that the Drinkthru Mask is available to help people with compromised health issues like my son. Thank you for providing the mask to help my son.

Avatar Josefina López del Castillo Parent Of Transplant Patient
I received a kidney transplant a few months ago. I was very lucky that my brother gave me the gift of a second chance at life. As a transplant recipient my immune system is compromised for the rest of my life. I must be extremely careful to any exposure of any air borne diseases, pathogens or any infectious agents that may sicken me, and damage my new kidney.

After the recovery process I have been able to resume a pretty normal life, and continue to enjoy the simple things of life such as: going to the theater, going to the movies, flying, meeting people at social events, returning to work in an office environment, grocery shopping, going to malls, etc.

I’m able to enjoy a normal life thanks to my DrinkThru Mask. I do not leave my house, nor do I expose myself to any group of people without wearing my SmartMask at all times.

In social gatherings I’m able to talk to friends and meet other people without being worried about compromising my immune system. I’m also able to drink a little wine with a straw through my DrinkThru Mask without compromising my immune system. I’m grateful this product is available, I feel much safer than when I was using the standard surgical masks. I have not gotten sick from the flu, or any airborne disease since wearing my DrinkThru Mask. I highly recommend this product to anyone with a compromised immune system or anyone concerned about any air borne contamination.

Avatar Ernesto Lopez Del Castillo, Jr., P.E. Vice President, HMG & Associates Inc.

“One of your masks would come in handy while I’m sanding in the bathroom. I’m so thirsty! It’s a pain to keep taking my mask off!  😷”

Avatar Julia Nelson Construction Worker

I recently traveled from Detroit to Key West via airplane and car over the 2016 to 2017 Holidays.  Everyone around during me was sick and it was terrible, and now I am actually sick as a result of my travels.  If I would’ve traveled with the Smart and Safe DrinkThru Mask I highly doubt that I’d be sick right now.  Next time I travel I am definitely going to bring my DrinkThru Mask with me!

Avatar Anonymous N/A

I have severe asthma and need to wear a mask when I do gardening and other yard work.  The DrinkThru Mask allows me to drink water while I’m working in the sun, without exposing my airways to the pollen that surrounds me.  Thanks for making a great product.

Avatar Shawn H. Customer